Is Your Relationship with Christ Private or Personal?

Jen Oshman has been a blessing to the church, countering popular trends that are deceiving women in particular. She wrote a fantastic article in response to a book that was spreading like wildfire in the last couple of years. The book was “Girl Wash Your Face” by a Christian woman named Rachel Hollis who ultimately wrote a self-help book using the name of Christ without leading people to Christ.

Oshman wrote a Crossway article that surfaced another great question we need to consider in spite of several decades of teaching that our relationship with Christ should be personal. The point of the article is not that a personal relationship with Christ is a bad thing, in fact that is indeed good.

Faith in Christ historically is threefold–what we know (notitia), what we believe (assensus) and lastly trusting (fiducia) and relying on Christ. So a personal relationship with Christ is important–it is inherent in our faith in him.

Here is the issue that has come out of this emphasis over the last several decades. That is our relationship with Christ is all too “private”, and misses that it also ought to be corporate.

We’ve turned Scripture into this book full of sayings for me and what the Bible has for me to today; and then we’ve turned the church into a place we go as a consumer of what we want instead of asking the Lord, God, how can I serve you?

Jen Oshman

Jen Oshman, in the Crossway article, lists out several questions that should be re-framed in our thinking about the church:

  • God, how can you serve me?
  • How is the church going to serve me? 
  • How is the Bible going to serve me?
  • How is my women’s Bible study going to serve me? 
  • What can I get out of my relationship with the Lord?

Oshman goes on to clarify that this is not how the Bible is written. These questions should not be the lens that we use in interpreting scripture.

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