He’s a “Nice Guy”

We’ve memorized the 11th commandment by now of “thou shalt be nice”. The main virtue that transcends evangelicalism is one of being nice.

Voddie Baucham on 11th Commandment

Though not necessarily a bad thing at all to be nice, it shouldn’t be the banner, or only banner, of your life as a man. Although many Christian men fall into this paradigm.

A writer from Desiring God, Greg Morse, reminds us of something really important and that is Why Nice Is Not Enough.

Greg notes that manhood is much more than what it shouldn’t be. In Christ, it:

  • not merely lacks cowardice, but possesses courage.
  • not merely lacks bad views of God, but burns with biblical convictions.
  • not merely lacks a domineering spirit, but models godly leadership.
  • not merely avoids self-dependence, but commits to prayer.
  • not merely avoids habitual sin, but cultivates habitual repentance.
  • not merely says “no” to illicit desires, but says “yes” to the local church.

Morse lays out several points in a higher calling for men along with the reality that “we need men who are unashamed and unapologetic about being a force for good in our world”.

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