The PCA’s Response to This Will Set a Precedent for the Denomination

A church in Missouri called Memorial Presbyterian has come under a formal investigation due to something known at the church as “The Chapel” which hosts LGBTQ+ play cycles.

If Memorial Presbyterian sounds familiar it is because they are the ones who brought us the “Revoice Conference” back in 2018. The agenda of Revoice was to promote a gay identity and aesthetic as Christians. This conference was held at Memorial Presbyterian church. The lead pastor there is Greg Johnson who openly has same-sex attraction.

Why is this moment in the PCA so important for the denomination’s future, and for that matter the evangelical witness in America?

The answer is because this isn’t a one-off story in the PCA. There appears to be a drift to go liberal on issues such as LGBTQ+ identity. This started with Revoice.

If you are not familiar with the Revoice conference, and why it was so dangerous for the PCA you can read this article which covers the controversy well.

The Nashville statement was a response to the Revoice conference to make clear what the Bible teaches on the topics addressed there.

So this is where it comes to a head–in this video below you will see Greg Johnson’s response to the Nashville statement where he lays out his case against the statement. This is a PCA General Assembly which without question should be against such teachings. Well, the elders in the room erupted in applause at the 5:05 mark.

This is the PCA folks, not the PC-USA. That is where the concern lies, and now a couple of years later here we are back at Greg Johnson’s church who has been running this “Chapel” for LGBTQ+ events for over 10 years, and just now do we have the PCA doing an investigation.

🚨🚨If the PCA doesn’t enact the ordinance of discipline on this issue then this doesn’t set a conservative precedent for the future. 🚨🚨

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