Steven Furtick Preaching Modalism

Truly a bummer to see someone with such a large following preaching modalism. Pray for Furtick!

As of 2018 Elevation church reported 26,000 regular active attendance and has a total of 20 campuses. Furtick has nearly 700k followers on Twitter while the church Twitter page has over 250k.

Know that when you listen to the very popular worship band out of Elevation or play their songs in your churches you are supporting the unorthodox teaching of Steven Furtick and their leaders.

"No, I'm (Jesus) not leaving you, I'm changing forms"M.O.D.A.L.I.S.MThat's modalism, Furtick!That.Is.Heresy

Posted by Pau Peredomes on Monday, March 2, 2020

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