Bizarre Events @ Bethel with Video

Bethel Music, out of Bethel Church in California, has been dominating in Christian Music culture. A few stats:

  • 4 Million+ Followers on Social
  • 2.5 Million YouTube subscribers
  • 1.1 Billion Views on YouTube
  • 2.8 Million Monthly Listeners on Spotify

It is safe to say they have significant influence and reach in evangelical circles around the world. Even conservative churches are licensing their popular songs in their corporate worship. Therefore supporting, financially and increasing their reach, among conservative churches.

Here is the problem–their music comes from unorthodox teaching that is harmful to the church. Watch this video from a recent “healing” event they held with Bethel students.

Blasphemy with Randy Clark

Want to see something that grieves the Holy Spirit? This is Randy Clark, with Bethel students, from yesterday. #blasphemy

Posted by Bethel Church and Christianity on Thursday, January 30, 2020

Put on your discernment caps 🎓🤔 – is that biblical?

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