Bethel Pauses Faith Healing Hospital Visits Due to Coronavirus

Bethel “faith-healers” may have met their match. They stopped all hospital visits due to the increased concerns and risks over coronavirus.

Over 6k people attend their weekend services in Redding California, and those are not going to be stopped as of right now.

Bill Johnson has been known for his teaching on Jesus’s death and resurrection taking care of the realm of salvation but also physical healing.

🚨🚨This is tragic for the followers of this false church. Johnson is teaching that Jesus’s death and resurrection (in the same way) covers salvation and physical healing in this life, on this side of heaven’s door. This is a false hope, and here is what it leaves people with–a God who can’t cure coronavirus is a God who can’t keep someone saved salvifically because Bethel has no room in their theology for sickness. (see Amazed by the Power of God book by Bill Johnson) 🚨🚨

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